“The objects are things that should not be moved, because they are not alive.
We use them, they are back in place, we live among them: they are useful, nothing more.
And to me, move me, it is unbearable.
I’m afraid to come in contact with them as if they were beasts live.
Now I realize, I remember better what I felt the other day, when I was holding that pebble.
It was a kind of nausea sweetish. What was unpleasant!
It came from the pebble, I’m sure, he was passing from pebble in my hands.
Yes, that’s right, a kind of nausea in my hands.”

Jean-Paul Sartre – La nausée



The exhibition features Sara Lovari’s latest works: she’s an artist, a sculptor, a cultural organizer. The works selected for this exhibition were made especially for the exhibition “Les Objects & The Letter Room” performed with the unique technique of painting and sculpture which characterizes the Tuscan artist, rendered through a marked graphic that is inseparably linked to a careful research of form and style. The sign for the artist is, in fact, a primary element of her research that surrounds only a few non-colors: white, black and brown to which sometimes adds yellow intense and dramatic. In the works presented, focus is on the presence of pictures dedicated to the objects; especially to those of daily use such as umbrella, the coffee maker, the lamp.

One wonders if the value we attach to these things is not dictated more by the meanings that in turn we are inclined to see in the folds of our thoughts, in an abandonment not entirely rational to allow a meta-thought that would intrude on worlds that go beyond what we actually see, or even if there is an energy emanating from these inorganic materials that facilitate our relationship with the world. This question Lovari Sara wants to give an answer.
It ‘nice to be amazed by the wonderful works / installations that the’ artist created by digging deep into objects.

critic by Alice Comunelli