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NutriMenti. 18 appearances in Contemporary Art


In the old town of Taranto, in the charming Palazzo D’Aquino (XVI sec.), Thursday, April 28 at 18.30, it will take place the inauguration of the significant exhibition of visual arts entitled “NutriMenti. 18 appearances in Contemporary Art”, promoted and organized by the Order of the Labour Consultants – Council Provincial Taranto – and the Foundation of Labour Culture “C.d.L. G. Colucci “, in collaboration with Rocco Spani Onlus Foundation and the Association of Volunteers” Childhood and Solidarity “and sponsored by the City of Taranto, Province, Region Puglia, University of Bari and Lumsa Studies.
The exhibition of contemporary art, planned by prof. Giulio De Mitri, affirmed artist from Puglia, and curated by the art critic and historian Dr. Sara Liuzzi, includes the presence of eighteen young and established artists of the Italian art scene, from all over the national territory and belonging to the most diverse languages of contemporaneity: illustration, painting, sculpture, design, photography, installation and video.
The title anticipates the goal and the theme of the exhibition: feed the mind through a fascinating artistic and cultural path, specifically, research and visual experimentation. The artists invited to this special event, as part of the III edition of the National Laboratory Work, with their works offer a valuable contribution, that make us “hands on” art in all its many facets and expressive characteristics, sending us, moreover, with different artistic knowledge, beauty, culture and above all new ideas.
“The aim of the exhibition – as the curator – is to invite the potential user to undertake a “journey” multifaceted, a reading over the lines to understand and reflect on what artists – conceptually heterogeneous – they wanted to pass through the different topics covered and related to the cultural nourishment, and so creates a continuous and harmonious thread that can weave different synergies on the nutrient values are not physical, but intellectual”.
The artists are: Dario Agrimi, Michele Attianese, Gabriele Beneficent, Gennaro Branca, Cagol, Karmil Cardone, Elisa Cella, Cristiano De Gaetano, Danilo De Mitri, Michele Giangrande, Incredix, Sara Lovari, Paola Mancinelli, Stefania Pellegrini, Jasmine Pignatelli Giuliano Ricciardi, Lucia Rotundo, Maria Teresa Sorbara. The inauguration will be attended by Dr. Peter Panzetta, President of the Foundation Culture “C.d.L. G. Colucci “, prof. Cosimo Jannes, Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Taranto, prof. Giulio De Mitri, artist and professor of Techniques and technology of contemporary visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro and Dr. Silvano Trevisani, journalist, critic and editor of the magazine L’Officina.
The exhibition is accompanied by a significant catalog published by Print Me, for the necklace of Contemporary Art IMAGO, directed by Sara Liuzzi, containing institutional texts, critics, illustrations and biographical notes on the artists.

opening hours of the exhibition: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00; Tuesday and Thursday also in the afternoon from 15.00 to 17.00. By reservation. Info: 3493231837

Sara Lovari | Temporary Exhibition in Ponte a Poppi

SaraLovari_TemporaryIt will be held in Ponte a Poppi, Via Roma 56, from February 1st until March 31st, the “Temporary Exhibition” by Sara Lovari. Sara Lovari, appreciated artist from Casentino and collaborator of Casentinopiù, has received numerous awards (among all remember the PremioArte 2014  Prize and  Premio Adrenalina 3.0 Contemprary Art Prize) and she has exhibited her work in Arezzo, Florence, Cortona, Bologna, Venice, Nice, London, Fukuoka (Japan), Madeira Island (Portugal) made known her art and the Casentino in the world. What distinguishes her style from the beginning is the purely lovariana palette, obtained from a basic color triad. And the subjects also: a selection of objects from the every day life, which, thanks to the lively gestures of the application of color and the recycled material assemblies, take shape on the canvas to emerge as collective memory elements.

(source: Casentinopiù.it)

Gusto visivo: Sara Lovari e Antonio Massarutto @Eataly


Poster SARA 70x110 web(1)Ristorante Da Vinci, first floor of EATALY Florence

Via De’ Martelli 22 R | FLORENCE

1st december 2015 – 31st jenuary 2016


Keep Art presents Sara Lovari and Antonio Massarutto, talents of contemporary art, as protagonists of GUSTO VISIVO, from 01 December to 31 January, in the halls of the restaurant Da Vinci, at the first floor of Eataly Florence.

Works of different materials,pittoscultura” and visual poetry of Sara Lovari, eclectic artist who gives life to objects from the past, keeping the intense meaning of remembrance. Paintings and installations, built with poor materials such as paper and cardboard, represent the precariousness of man and together with words and verses, telling reflection of collective memory. Another aspect that characterizes her art is the use of a triad of basic colors, that produce a special chromatic heat and atmospheres of a past decontextualized.

Antonio Massarutto, sculptor and designer, is present on permanent exhibition with his animals, made with different eco-taxidermy techniques, from which you can admire the expert knowledge of anatomy, combined with brilliant creativity. For him, the iron wire is like a pencil and the mesh like a charcoal pencil.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, admission is free for customers of the Da Vinci restaurant, open daily on the first floor of Via Martelli 22 R.

WHERE: Da Vinci Restaurant, Via De’ Martelli 22 R, Florence, first floor of EATALY Florence

INFO EXHIBITION: – +39 333 2317586 –

Sara Lovari @Paratissima 2015




Born as an off manifestation of Artissima, the international fair of contemporary art, Paratissima has become in a few years one of the landmark events in the art scene nationally.

The artists of Paratissima are the emerging creative (painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, designers, directors, designers), which are not yet part of the official art circuit, and established names who wish to get involved in a dynamic aimed at a wide audience.

During the last edition was attended by more than 600 artists and more than 100 performers, attracting 82,814 visitors in five days. In 2015, from 4 to 8 November, it held the eleventh edition of Paratissima at Torino Esposizioni.

Sara Lovari will attend the exhibition. Write about her the curators of the festival: “An aspect that distinguishes her from the beginning of her production is the palette purely lovariana, obtained from a triad of basic colors, a selection of objects drawn from everyday life, and the lively gestures of the application of color and the assemblages of recycled material and documents.”.

Other information:

Cultural Connections
Three Italian artists bring work to Norman through new exchange program


NORMAN — For Enrique Moya Gonzalez, there is a powerful connection between butterflies and a bomb, burned books and the birth of a baby.

All of them are catalysts or emblems of a necessary, invigorating and often painful process that is part of the human existence no matter where you live.

“Two years ago, my little child was born. Ada is her name. I changed with her. So, I stopped doing art because I needed money and I began thinking about rebirth. I think that all people need some kind of rebirth because if you don’t change your life, you are not completed,” he said, sitting among a collection of preserved butterflies in a sunny Oklahoma art gallery. “It’s a change and sometimes we don’t like making changes. It is complicated because when you change your life or you rebirth, you must consider yourself and all the things that you know you must take away.”

The personal yet universal concept of rebirth is at the core of the Spanish-Italian artist’s installation on view through Nov. 30 at Norman’s Mainsite Contemporary Art. Gonzalez, 36, is one of three artists from Arezzo, Italy, who is ushering in Norman’s Cultural Connections, a series of exhibitions that will bring international artists to Oklahoma and send Norman artists around the world to share Oklahoma’s heritage and history in new places.


The inspiration for the program came from a 2012 trip Norman Arts Council Executive Director Erinn Gavaghan took to Arezzo, one of Norman’s four sister cities across the globe.

“I became fascinated with the idea of the sister cities. I knew there was some way that the Norman Arts Council could bring the community aspect of that into Norman,” Gavaghan said. “We just needed to figure out what it was.”

Working in layers: Massimiliano Lucchetti.

When Sarah Ex, gallery assistant for the Norman Arts Council’s Mainsite gallery, opted to study abroad at the University of Oklahoma’s Arezzo campus in spring 2014, the idea for Cultural Connections started taking shape. Ex would have time to get to know the arts community there, select a trio of artists to show their work at Mainsite and scope out a venue for three Oklahoma artists to exhibit in the city in Italy’s Tuscany region. In May 2016, Oklahoma artists Douglas Shaw Elder, Tim Stark and the late O. Gail Poole will have their works shown at a recently revamped historic building on OU’s Italian campus.

Last month, three Italian artists — Gonzalez, Massimiliano Luchetti and Sara Lovari — traveled to Norman for a mini-residency to complete and install their works for “Cultural Connections: Arezzo in Norman,” the first exhibit in the planned series that will include art exchanges with Norman’s other sister cities in Clermont-Ferrand, France; Colima, Mexico; and Seika, Japan.


“It really came down to whose art I believed transcended language barriers, so which artists did I think explored different ideas within Italian culture and not only did that but did that without needing an explanation of what you were seeing,” Ex said of the three Arezzo artists she chose from about 15 candidates. “The artists each kind of tell a story about different sides of Italian culture that I wasn’t really seeing in other artists or just didn’t leave me as speechless as with these three artists.”

The layers to the program likely appeal to Luchetti, 40, a painter and chef whose massive oils on canvas add vivid color to Mainsite’s inaugural Cultural Connections show.

w620-57e40c235f208f18fc2f2ecce74e8492“I put on a color (with a spatula) and then sometimes take it off and then put it on again and then sometimes take it off. So it’s step by step … and at some point you can see the canvas,” Luchetti said in Italian, with Lovari translating to English. “So different emotion and different painting; different color, different time. And a different way to destroy by taking off the color. It’s an instant. It’s in the moment … so I can’t explain or can’t remember when it’s done.”

Although he preferred to keep the reasons behind his layered technique secret — “it’s a personal way to work” — Luchetti said he was happy to show nine of his big canvases in the large Norman space. “They are big so you can look through the painting. You can see and just imagine going through it,” he said. “It is a nice city and a pleasure to stay and enjoy the city.”

Stopping time: Sara Lovari

Like Luchetti, Lovari, 36, finds meaning in her medium, in her often three-dimensional collages of everyday items like coffeepots, umbrellas and lamps that she creates from different kinds of paper, including antique magazines, old postcards and recycled butcher paper.

w620-cd7fe060cf8c7b9872879877d51bfd6b“The paper is what I use to explain that the things for me are temporary, so we are temporary,” she said. “I’m trying to stop the moment. I’m trying to stop the time. … My palette is only three, four colors — beige, white and coffee color — because I paint memory. I’m not painting a present; it’s a recent past. I use the object to tell you a history that is my history but also another history for everyone. Everyone has a mocha coffee and stops a few minutes and talks with people; everyone uses the umbrella and then forgets (it) when the rain stops.”

The centerpiece of her exhibit is a one of her wearable pieces, a dress with a grand train she cleverly fashioned from white and brown paper.


“I think I really need what I have, I really need all this stuff. But we don’t really need (it),” she said. “I also damage the paper with fire and with color, so my dresses are used. It’s to kind of give to them a history and a special atmosphere. But the message is the same: we don’t really need all these kind of things. We only need to stay together and help the people and dream.”

With Cultural Connections, all three Italian artists are exhibiting in the United States for the first time. While Luchetti’s oil paintings, which take about a month to create, were shipped over in their finished state, Lovari and Gonzalez had work still to do when they arrived in Norman. They scoured flea markets and antique shops for vintage paper for her and an old birdcage for him.

“The city when we came was completely different from our city, so we really enjoy it and want to discover everything: visit restaurants, visit shops, meet people, talk with people, visit museums. Every day we discover something that for us is amazing. It’s different, so we can’t compare. It’s another life,” Lovari sai

Building to rebirth: Enrique Moya Gonzalez

w620-d6ee3c1c9bcda1869a5dcfff7166550aAs part of his two-week Norman residency, Gonzalez visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial so that he could create a rebirth installation with meaning for local audiences. Although he knew he wanted to use colorful preserved butterflies to symbolize the necessary revival Oklahoma experienced after the 1995 bombing, the Spanish native said he didn’t get the idea to use a jumbled birdcage to represent the wreckage of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building until after visiting the memorial.

“I remember about the bombing … and I feel that it’s very important,” said Gonzalez, who has lived in Italy for eight years.w620-e8febf8d6db4c7b890f6a5a5958225fd

In creating his part of the exhibit, Gonazalez also partnered with OU students to burn two almost 400-year-old dictionaries in a solemn ceremony. The performance art piece was filmed, and a video plays inside the gallery alongside the charred books, which have taken a delicate, almost floral look.

“I have a very big respect about those kind of materials because they are unique. … When they are gone, you don’t get any more,” he said. “That sacrifice must be so that we can search. It’s not to be a spectacular; it’s very serious.”

He said participating in Cultural Connections has brought him full circle in a way. “Oklahoma has given to me this opportunity to come here and to show who I am,” he said. “I came here when I was 16 years old to New York, and when you are 16 years old, you are nothing and you don’t know who you are. I visited the Metropolitan Museum and I see one work by Joseph Beuys … and when I see it, I know that I must be an artist. So I’m here now in America to say ‘thank you, America,’ because one of my dreams came true. So it’s another rebirth for me.”

CATEL 2015 Award | Sara Lovari 


logocatel3Show  Catel 2015 Award, Sculpture Biennial
Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati
24 October to 22 November 2015


It was inaugurated Saturday, October 24 at 18 at the Scuerie Aldobrandini Frascati, the exhibition “The essence of form.” The event sponsored by the Foundation Franz Ludwig Catel is curated by Paola Di Giammaria and Vittorio Sgarbi, and will be open until November 22, is under the patronage the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Frascati and the Delegate of Culture of the Municipality of Frascati Francesca Neroni. On show are the young artists  finalists of Catel 2015 Biennial Sculpture Prize that will have the opportunity to exhibit their works along with invited teachers, out of competition, directly by the Foundation, among those present in the invitational, names of international prestige as Beverly Pepper Giuliano Vangi Carrino and Markus Lüpertz.

Winners will be announced on October 24 during the vernissage of the exhibition. The selection of the finalists and the winners will be made by the jury: Elisabeth Wolken, President of the Foundation Franz Ludwig Catel, the art critic and writer Vittorio Sgarbi, art historians Alberto Dambruoso and Paola Di Giammaria, the art dealer and writer Fabio Sargentini, sculptors and members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Catel Ernesto Lamagna and Alfio Mongelli. “The presence of the masters invited – says Elisabeth Wolken, President of the Foundation Franz Ludwig Catel – is a sign of esteem that makes us even more proud of our commitment but also an extraordinary opportunity for the young participants. They included the Academy of Fine arts who have joined their doors wide open to a comparison of the highest level, to the benefit of their children. “

The Prize is a good opportunity for these young people and the chance to win concrete support for their activities. The Foundation puts at stake the following prizes: first prize of € 10,000, second prize of € 3,000, third prize of € 2,000. Here are the names of the finalists: Alexander Armento, Belfiore Noemi, Bensasson Giulio, Bteibet Sofia, Cardillo Jacopo, Delli Carri Antonio De Rosa Marco Ferrari Sabrina, Laterza Domenico, Lovari Sara, Luigi Marazzi, Mariano Marco, Montalbini Nicola Notaro Daniele Bread Noa, Perpignan Emanuela, Priolo Noemi, Quagliarella Stefano-Ciavarella Lisabeth, Racano Francesca, rich Marika, Francis Rossi, Luigi Scopelliti, Serotti Madalina, Turks Sacha, Wang Zhenlong.

Cultural Connections | Sara Lovari in Oklahoma



Norman Arts Council’s Cultural Connections is a programming to further the bonds between Norman, Oklahoma and its sister cities across the globe by bringing visiting artists from abroad to share their heritage with us through their art while sending off Norman artists to further our city’s history internationally. The first planned exhibition is Arezzo in Norman, which brings three Italian artists —  SARA LOVARI, MASSIMILIANO LUCCHETTI and ENRIQUE MOYA GONZALEZ — to showcase their work at MAINSITE Contemporary Art in Norman, Oklahoma in Fall 2015.

The Arezzo In Norman exhibition will run from Friday, October 9, 2015 through Monday, November 30, 2015. There will be an opening reception from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, October 9, which includes an announcement of the Norman in Arezzo artists at 7:30 p.m.

Special support for Cultural Connections comes to Norman Arts Council through The University of Oklahoma College of International Studies, the City of Norman and Breck Turkington.

Sara Lovari – Un giorno sarò libera

Enrique Moya Gonzales – Di come le cose non si potrebbero toccare

Massimiliano Lucchetti – Untitled n.42

Il Pozzo proudly hosts Sara Lovari

locandina mostra - Il Pozzo proudly hosts Sara LovariDal 4 al 6 settembre 2015

Gallery “Il Pozzo”
via Nazionale 10/12 | Cortona (Ar)

Artist reception 4th September from 17 to 20.


In Cortona three days with the winner of the Rome Prize Adrenalina.

From 4 to 6 September 2015 three days in the sign of contemporary art in Cortona (AR) thanks to the meeting between the Gallery “Il Pozzo” and the artist Sara Lovari.

The installations and two or three dimensional polymaterial works of the talented author find the perfect valorisation in the inviting gallery located in Via Nazionale 10/12, in the heart of the Etruscan city.

Friday, September 4, from 17 to 20, there is a special event during which the holders of the Gallery “Il Pozzo” and Sara Lovari meet the public and stakeholders interested in the art of Tuscan painter.



Lovari Sara was born in 1979 in Avena Poppi (AR). Since 2007 she devoted herself to art full-time, taking a path that leads to expose successfully in Italy and abroad.

Acrylic colors and polymaterial applications interact on heterogeneous supports creating a bi and three-dimensional language distinctive and appreciated by critics, audiences and collectors around the world. His works are in fact important private collections in Italy, Holland, Belgium and the United States. The artist’s career is marked by constant evolution that absorbs and one can see the traces of previous research. Sara Lovari won the New Proposals section of “Adrenalina Award 2014” of Rome, the most important biennial Capitoline, and has exhibited in 2015 with “Les Objects & The Letter-Room” at the Palazzo Casali of Cortona. The artist was also a finalist in the “Premio Arte Mondadori” 2014 and “Catel Prize 2015”. Her works are on permanent display at the Aspen Art Gallery in Denver and Aspen, to ExpArt Gallery in Bibbiena and Ashanti Contemporary Art in Rome. Sara Lovari works in Cortona in the study of dead Fierli and Poppi in the study of Avena.

The Gallery “Il Pozzo” is located in Via Nazionale 10/12, in the heart of Cortona. Crossing the threshold of the gallery, the visitor finds himself in inspiring surroundings: immersed in silence and wrapped by delicate and pleasant melody of the music, he contemplates the medieval environments of the two floors below street level, reported with gusto all ‘ancient structure and functionality, and not lose sight of the original pit, “cruet”, which takes its name the gallery and on which architecture balenano traces of wisdom and skill Etruscan. Here nothing is left to improvisation. Every wall, every niche, every shelf is revealed as a providential frame the characteristics and value of the exhibits of art and crafts. And so the attention and interest are fed into contact with the variety of paintings and art photos, prints, books, engravings, ceramics and rich craftsmanship particularly congenial to the history and customs of Tuscany .

For information about the gallery:


Artemisia. Journey into the female. Love, art, violence.




1st – 30th August 2015

City Gallery of Contemporary Art “Palazzo Giorgi” – Poppi (AR)


From 1 to 30 August 2015, the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art in Palazzo Giorgi in Poppi (AR) hosts “Artemisia. Journey into the female. Love, art, violence “, group exhibition of Roberta Agostini, Daniela Baldinger, Sonia Barbagli, Catherina Gynt, Sara Lovari e Silvia Rossi. The exhibition, with free entry, will be open from Monday to Saturday, with hours 9 / 12,30 and 16/19. Saturday, 1 July, at 18, with the inauguration of the buffet offered by Bar Le Stanze.

“Artemisia” It is a big assemblage of female artists that is focused on their work analysis of their own being. Women who seek and interpret a role in the art world, talking about a variety of elements ranging between body and mind, matter and essence. Works, installations and performances that characterize the August in the beautiful village of Casentino. Throughout the month, in the central hall of the gallery will be held side events, all in consonance with the theme treated in the exhibition. All events are free admission.




Sunday 2nd August, at 21:00: performance of “Donne di Carta”.
Tuesday 4th agosto at 21:30: cinema! “Il segreto di Esma” by Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2006. Projection by Associazione “Cinespazio”.
Wednesday 5th agosto 16:00-19:00: workshop of creative writing by Daniela Tani.
Thursday 6th agosto at 21:30: presentation of the works (video e photo) created by the guys of Centro Giovani “C’entro anch’io” of Ponte a Poppi.
Friday 7th agosto at 17:00: “La Sezione Soci Coop Centro Italia del Casentino contro la violenza sulle donne: un pomeriggio di riflessione”.
Saturday 8th agosto at 21:00: “L’eterno femminino”, concerto for flute, voice and guitar by Laura Manescalchi.
Sunday 9th agosto at 21:00: meeting of readings and theatrical improvisation by Alessandra Aricò and Cinzia Corazzesi of N.A.T.A.
Tuesday 18th agosto at 17:00: meeting with the writer Anna Maria Vignali at the presentation of his latest book entitled: “Il tappeto”.
Wednesday 19th agosto at 21:30: cinema! “Blu Jasmine” di Woody Allen, Usa 2013. Projection by Associazione “Cinespazio”.