National and international galleries exhibiting permanently works by Sara Lovari

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Barbara Paci Art Gallery was born in 2003 in Pietrasanta Lucca, in the historic centre of this little town, known as an international centre of modern and contemporary art.
The choice of the place in Pietrasanta gives the gallery visibility and the possibility to contact collectors, critics, art dealers and art experts, coming through all around the world and interested exclusively in contemporary art.
The gallery started its exposition activity with an exhibition of some historic designs of the French artist Andrè Derain, coming from the homonymous Foundation in Paris and the following year with an exposition dedicated to Mimmo Paladino with an exhibition entitled “Rabanus Maurus”.
In summer 2005 the collaboration of Barbara Paci Art Gallery and the Festival Pucciniano of Torre del Lago (Lucca) was consolidated. It is an international prestigious name dedicated to stage the Lyric Operas of Giacomo Puccini. The Gallery in fact dedicated an exhibition about the American artist Nall, author of scenes and costumes of the new editions of the Lyric Operas “La Fanciulla del West” (The Girl of the Golden West) ( 2005) and “Rondine” (Swallow) (2007). In The summer 2006 the gallery realized an itinerant public show “Violata Pax” (Menton Modern Art Museum – Monaco Cathedral (Monte Carlo) – Square and Basilica of Assisi – Square and San’Agostino Church of Pietrasanta (Lucca) – Museum of Modern Arts of Mobile (Alabama-USA) always of the artist Nall. The artistic itinerary, sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco, was supported by the critic intervention of Vittorio Sgarbi.
Summer 2007 was dedicated to the personal show in the gallery of the Mexican artist Javier Marin (who was two times present in the Biennale of Venice and also realized the installation for Art Basel 2007 at Miami for the Basel Museum) with the critic text of Marisa Vescovo.The gallery organized from 2008 to 2013 the public exhibitions with monumental works of the sculptor Javier Marin in Pietrasanta, Milan (Palazzo Reale, Rotonda della Besana, Piazza Duomo and Piazza del Teatro alla Scala), Den Haag (Holland), La Baule (France), Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), Rome (Museo M.A.C.R.O. and Terrazza del Pincio).
In 2008 was a show of photographic works of the artist Agostino Rocco in the State Museum of Saint Cloud, Paris. The show was organized and promoted in synergic collaboration between the Gallery and the Museum, this last one, commissioner of 20 photographic works with the theme of the re-elaboration in contemporary style, of male and female portraits of the French nobles lost and destroyed during the French Revolution. The N°1 of the 20 samples have remained on property of the Museum and have become part of the state art collection.The Gallery proposes the art of great contemporary masters like Sandro Chia, Nicola De Maria, Gino De Dominicis, Igor Mitoraj, Mimmo Paladino, Fernando Botero, beside of our young artists as: Agostino Rocco, Alessandra Gasparini, Veronica Fonzo, Simona Fedele, Nall, Javier Marin.
The Gallery also takes part to national and international prestigious fairs (the last one Palm Beach 3 Art Fair – January 11- 14 2008, has been chosen for example, for its strong presence of New York visitors, who are very good commercial partners with Pietrasanta.

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122 E. Main St., Norman, OK 73069 – USA

MAINSITE Contemporary Art, established in 1999, is now the home of the Norman Arts Council. The vision and purpose of MAINSITE Contemporary Art will remain at the heart of the gallery. However, the NAC offices in the space and maintains control of the gallery and all MAINSITE operations.

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122 E. Main St., Norman, OK 73069 – USA
gallery: 405.360-1162

logo_AshantiAshanti®Galleria | contemporary art

Via Del Boschetto, 117 – Rione Monti – Roma.

If we talk about alternative spaces in Rome, run by enterprising young and full of initiative, walking through the alleys of the Monti district meets ashanti®. In a space at street level, “air-conditioned” by background music, in harmony with manufacturers from Europe and Asia, the owner, Raffaele Cinzio, transformed ashanti® into a house of art.

ashanti® is a jewels factory, established according to the eclectic taste of the owner who is responsible for the selection of jewelry, goldsmiths and designers, artists and Jewellery Design of ASHANTI®JEWELS, furnished in a minimalist style, is a space where you from the spirit of research into the world of young plastic art, visual and musical. This year it will celebrate its twelfth year of birth since the end of 2000, it was transformed from ashanti® jewels factory in private art gallery.

The intent is simple: ASHANTI®GALLERIA | contemporary art makes it possible to bring together artistic experiences of various kinds with a diverse audience. Through a spirit of promoting multi-level, from the Competition Public Glocal direct contact with the private. The ingredients of this loop are essentially creative evolving so as to connect a voice of the contemporary emerging with an audience of amateurs, interested in participating meetings exhibition, to attend a project of local businesses, to buy works of art, valued using real value and above all accessible to a young audience. The goal is courageous and effective: the choice and taste of the audience are the pivot on which turns the right destination of a work of art, its sale and its thermometer research, the pole brokerage becomes a gallery sui generis open to proposals that call into question the purchasing power of a market (real) to support young people.


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logo-expart-sitoExpArt Gallery & Studio | Directed by Silvia Rossi

Via Borghi 80, 52011 Bibbiena – Arezzo.


ExpArt opens its doors in December 2010, in a space dedicated not only to exposure, but focusing right now on the disclosure of contemporary art, alongside the exhibition hall a painting studio .. a sort of short chain of art where young minds can work, discover, learn about the world, a few steps from them is masterfully represented by the artists on display.
ExpArt Gallery was founded with the idea of ​​creating a “Center for the Disclosure of Contemporary Art Exhibition and” in a territory with a great legacy of both historical and artistic as that of Casentino. ExpArt is a point of connection between these two worlds, exposing mainly works by young emerging artists in the medieval old town of Bibbiena.
ExpArt wants to be a window to the world of contemporary art, offering its visitors a wide view of what is now offering the “making art”, through continuous research emerging and established artists.
For these reasons, the gallery displays works by permanently Sara Lovari, promising young artist born and raised in the same territory.


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Aspen-Art-logoAspen Art Gallery | directed by Damian Guillot

228 S Mill St, Aspen, CO 81611, USA


Founded by Damian Guillot, specialist art dealer with a decade of experience in Orleans, the Aspen Art Gallery houses within its collection, some of the finest works of Sara Lovari.

The Aspen Art Gallery, with a dual headquarters in Aspen and Denver, offers a careful selection of modern and contemporary artists from around the world.

Aspen Art Gallery invites you to view the world of art through its collection

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